Web Design Process

Initial Meeting
Our way of working is very proactive, and always encourage clients to take an active role in the web design process. An initial meeting is the best way for us to get a good idea of your business – and for you to get a good idea of ours. We’ll talk about what your aims of the website – and your reasons for commissioning it. If you come to us and say you want something that we don’t believe is appropriate, or realistc, weíll then explain the pros and cons – and if necessary, explain what the alternatives are. We’ll show you some examples from our portfolio and run you through the various options available to you.

Contract –
The contract is a down-to-earth agreement about what you can expect from us, and what we can expect from you.
It primarily consists of :

Time scale
Project description
Initial Designs

Based on the design brief, we’ll produce a design that we think are appropriate for your requirements. We’ll send these by email or upload
to our site – allowing you to view them on-screen, or to print them out and have a brain-storming session with friends, co-workers or family.
This is the point where you must try to be as critical as possible, and to choose the design/s that are most in tune with your company’s
identity, and your design preferences.

All we really ask from our clients is they are as honest about the initial designs as possible. This is the stage when we can gauge if we’re on

the right track. We’ll listen to your comments and adapt our designs to suit. You may decide that you want to take elements from one design
and mix it with another. Our initial designs may even inspire you with ideas about other directions that the website design could take.
Further Designs and Feedback

The feedback process will have provided us with enough information to be able to focus on one of our initial designs, and adapt it to suit
your needs. We’ll take your opinions and fuse them with your favourite design to provide you with a second draft if needed. We always ask
that the client bears in mind that once the website has to be built, we have much less flexibility over design changes, so this is the stage
where we try and get everything together. This second round of feedback is usually very short, and very straight-forward. It usually consists
of very minor alterations such as “can you tweak that color?” or “can you make that font slightly bigger?” Much of the time this second
stage of feedback consists of a one-line email saying: “Yep, go ahead and build it!”

The Build
Once we decide on the final design theres no going back now, because you finally get to see your chosen designs as they were intended to

be seen – online. We’ll keep you up to date with progress throughout this stage. We’ll also use this time to arrange hosting and email
addresses – ensuring that the site can go live as soon as you’re happy with everything.

Site Live
Well, that should be pretty much it! We keep in contact with all our clients, and regularly review all the websites in our portfolio. In some

cases weíll set up a maintenance account if needed, to provide you with x amount of hours each month to make changes or additions
to the website. We can also set up a pay as needed basis, either way we are always just a phone call or email away.


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